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Bawazir is an Abbasid Hashimite family known with this name (Wazir in Arabic means minisiter) because of its lineage to Ali bin Tarad the Minister of the two Abbasid Caliphs, al-Mustarshid and al-Muqtafi. He is also named as the Great Minister, Abul Qasim Ali Sharafuddien. He is a descendant of al-Abbas (Uncle of Prophet Mohammad PBUH) bin Abdulmuttalib bin Hashim bin Abdumanaf.

THIS is a socio-cultural forward-looking site that aims at providing information about the Bawazir family to the new generations of Bawazirs and assist them to communicate among themselves. 

If you would like to contribute any information on or of interest to Bawazir family, suggestions, or participate in site development and administration, please contact: the administrator.

Here comes the Young Bawazirs.....

Special Dedication: To the Future Generations of the Bawazir family, wherever you are, this site is to you and for you. We hope you will confidently move forward to a successful life.


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