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Bawazir Lineage. Click here to see an Image of the  Arabic Source.

The Great Grandfather of the Bawazir Family: Sheikh Mohammad bin Salim bin Abdullah known as (Moula Araf). He is the first man from the Bawazir family born in Hadhramout. He is the only heir to the Yaqoub bin Yousef Al-Abbasi in that country. There is no descendant for the Yaqoub bin Yousef except his son Abdullah who is the grandfather of Mohammad bin Salim. He died in (Araf) village. His burial place is well known there nowadays. All Bawazirs in Hadhramout are of his ancestry.

Full Lineage: Mohammad bin Salim bin Abdullah bin Yaqoub bin Yousef bin Ali Al-Wazir bin Tarad bin Mohammad bin Ali bin Al-Hasan bin Mohammad bin Sulaiman bin Abdullah Al-Zainabi bin Mohammad bin Ibrahim Al-Imam bin Al-Imam Mohammad Al-Kamil bin Al-Imam Ali Al-Sajjad bin Abdullah bin Al-Abbas (Uncle of Prophet Mohammad PBUH) bin Abdulmuttalib bin Hashim bin Abdumanaf.